Seeing all sentient beings as having been our kind mothers

The text turns to training the mind on the stages of the path of advanced level practitioners. Part of a series of teachings on the Gomchen Lamrim by Gomchen Ngawang Drakpa.

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    • The seven-point-cause-and-effect instruction for developing bodhicitta
    • Proving rebirth through reasoning
    • Since beginningless time we have been reborn countless times
    • Every being has been our mother many times
    • Reflecting on the kindness of our mother of this life
    • Generalizing the feeling to all beings who have been our mother
    • The wish to repay their kindness

    Gomchen lamrim 62: Seeing all beings as having been our kind mothers (download)

    62 The Gomchen Lamrim: Seeing All Sentient Beings as Having Been Our Mothers 10-14-16

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