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Abstract black and white drawing of lines and squares.

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Like plazas emerging from the voids 

within the dense urban fabric, 

likewise conventional objects appear

when bounded by their basis.

The piazza is neither its casual atmosphere, 

the hurried pace surrounding it,

the elaborate facades bounding it

or the decorated pavement underfoot.

Its unique character comes from its composition. 

In the context of a crowded city,

a public place provides a social focal point.

An obvious gap in the impenetrable urbanity.

As public squares are meeting places,

so too, are conventions–

where we meet in communication 

formed only by our agreement.

Not by way of its unique characteristics,

but simply by its popularity, the plaza becomes renowned.

In the same way, all objects, not because of inherent qualities,

but simply by their being designated, do they come to exist.

Even though coming from different directions,

we are able to meet where our lives intersect.

Likewise, while our experiences may be varied,

we are able to agree on the conventionally-existent.

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