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Welcome to!

Follow our quick guide to learn more about Venerable Thubten Chodron and access the archive of her Buddhist teachings.

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Mouseover the numbers below for tips on how to use this website.

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  1. 1. See what’s new in the slider and on the front page: A revolving slideshow allows you to pick from three featured articles. Look below the slider for newly published articles.
  2. 2. Use the search engine: Search the site by using the search field located near the top right of every page. Type in what you’re looking for and a list of articles that meet your search criteria will appear.
  3. 3. Look in the dropdown menus: You can browse the categories of teachings using the red buttons at the top of your screen, including Practical Buddhism, Buddhist Teachings, Meditation, and Monastic Life. You can also read more about Venerable Thubten Chodron and her books. Each parent category also has an index (i.e. Practical Buddhism).
  4. 4. Use the “browse all categories” feature: By clicking on the “+” sign next to each category, you will see the sub-categories in it. Click on the name of the category to see its contents. Click on the “-” sign to collapse the sub-categories.
  5. 5. Use the series function: Looking for a series of teachings on a text, from a retreat, or on a particular topic? Look under “Browse series of articles” and click on “Select a series.” A drop-down menu will appear showing teachings grouped in chronological series. Select the series name to view its contents.
  6. 6. Look for teachings by medium: If you are looking for posts that include audio and/or video in particular, click on the “Latest audio” or “Latest video” links.
  7. 7. Look for teachings by tag topics: Another way to browse the archive of teachings is by tags, also known as keywords. Are you interested in learning more about compassion? Click on “compassion” in the tag list and you will be given a list of all the teachings on the site that are about cultivating compassion.
  8. 8. Read posts translated into other languages: To access posts translated into a different language, click on the language you are looking for at the very top of any page on the site.
  9. 9. Get notified about the latest posts by email: Sign up to receive a daily email digest of newly published articles. Simply enter your email address and click “Subscribe.” You can unsubscribe yourself from this email at any time.

We hope this has helped you to get started. May you benefit from the Buddha’s precious teachings!