How to take refuge in the Three Jewels

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The text now turns to relying on the method for happiness in future lives. Part of a series of teachings on the Gomchen Lamrim by Gomchen Ngawang Drakpa.

  • The qualities of the Dharma Jewel
  • The qualities of the Sangha Jewel and the differences between the hearers, solitary realizers, and arya bodhisattvas
  • Taking refuge by knowing the distinguishing features of the Three Jewels
    • In terms of their characteristics
    • In terms of their awakening influence
    • In terms of the fervent regard we have for them
    • In terms of how we practice
    • In terms of the what qualities to recall
    • In how we create merit in terms of each
  • Taking refuge by accepting the Three Jewels as ideals
  • Taking refuge by not speaking in favor of other refuges
  • The eight benefits of taking refuge

Gomchen Lamrim 17: How to take refuge in the Three Jewels (download)

17 The Gomchen Lamrim 11-27-15

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