37 Practices: Verses 11-16

Part of a series of talks on The 37 Practices of Bodhisattvas given during a weekend retreat in Medan, Indonesia, organized by Vihara Borobodur Medan and Majelis Buddhayana Indonesia-Sumut.

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    • How self-centeredness makes us miserable, leads to harming others, and is the cause of our problems, and how cherishing others is the cause of real happiness
    • How to do the taking-and-giving meditation
    • Transforming adversity into the the path, when others steal from us or try to harm us
    • Homework assignment: say something nice everyday to someone you don’t like. If we are nice to our enemies they will respond differently
    • How to work with the mind when someone we cared for betrays us. Have a mother’s attitude toward your enemies

    37 Practices: Verses 11-16 (download)

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