The happiness of an open-hearted life

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A talk given in Medan, Indonesia, organized by Vihara Borobodur Medan

  • Seeing the kindness of sentient beings who are doing all the things that help us in this life
  • Seeing the special kindness of those we see as enemies and how they challenge us to grow
  • Our self-centeredness has a long list of “rules of the universe” and it wants the world to conform to the rules
  • If we see the benefits of cherishing others and the disadvantages of self-centeredness we transform our lives to correspond with that
  • Why Lama Yeshe thanked Mao Zedong
  • We are the one who suffers when we hold a grudge, not the one we hold the grudge against
  • When we forgive we are letting go of our anger not approving the other’s behavior

An open-hearted life (download)

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