Praise and reputation

Shantideva’s “Engaging in the Bodhisattva’s Deeds,” Chapter 6, Verses 90-98

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A series of teachings given at various venues in Mexico in April 2015. The teachings are in English with Spanish translation. This talk took place in Xalapa and was organized by Rechung Dorje Dragpa Center.

  • Review of definitions of anger and fortitude
  • The roots of our attachment to praise and reputation
  • Importance of cultivating a realistic attitude that recognizes our strengths and weaknesses
  • The futility of attachment to praise and reputation
  • Refuting the argument that we should enjoy praise as it makes others happy
  • Disadvantages of receiving praise and a good reputation
  • Questions and answers
    • Attachment to fame, reputation, and anger
    • Accepting anger towards having a terminal disease
    • Seeking praise for our generosity
    • Why Venerable Chodron decided to ordain
    • What to do the moment anger arises
10 Working with Anger and Developing Fortitude 04-24-15

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