Compassion in action

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A talk based on the book An Open-Hearted Life given at Jewel Heart in Chicago, Illinois. The center has just started a new hospital chaplaincy program.

  • The importance of cultivating a good motivation
    • This is usually not taught in a society that values appearances
    • Checking whether we are motivated to help others out of fear
  • Knowing our own mind helps us to cultivate internal sensitivity of others
    • How our self-centered thought hinders us from tuning in to others
  • Sharing on prison work and seeing inmates as human beings
  • Staying open to being challenged, especially when doing hospice work
    • How attachment is a hindrance when helping someone who is dying
  • To be effective in helping others, we have to work on our own fear and attachment
    • Doing the meditation on death and applying Dharma antidotes
    • How non-violent communication can support our efforts
  • About the book An Open-Hearted Life
  • Note: The question and answer session was not recorded
04-13-15 An Open-Hearted Life: Compassion in Action

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