The two truths: The Sautrantika view

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Part of a series of teachings given from March 6-11, 2010, at Sravasti Abbey.

  • Tsongkhapa said, “All virtue everywhere arises from reflecting on facts with an undistracted mind.”
  • Presentation of the Sautrantika system
  • Difference between conceptual consciousness and direct perceiving consciousness (conception/perception)
  • How the Sautrantika is a set up for the Prasangika and how they differ
  • The purpose of studying tenets once one has understood the Prasangika
  • The meaning of the term “ultimately” in Sautrantika

Guy Newland on the Two Truths 07: The Sautrantika view (download)

11 The Two Truths -Presented by Guy Newland 3-9-10

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