Working with anger

Second in a series of three talks given at the Jewel Heart Center in Cleveland, Ohio from July 6-8, 2007.

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  • Working with anger

    • The definition of anger
    • Looking at situations in different ways

    Working with anger 01 (download)

    Transforming anger

    • Taking responsibility for what you feel
    • Catching anger when it is small
    • Looking at your motivation
    • Causes and antidotes to anger

    Working with anger 02 (download)

    Questions and answers

    • Helping others who are angry
    • How to handle patterns of anger
    • Anger management and children
    • The relationship between anger and regret
    • Anger directed at poor health or a death of a loved one

    Working with anger Q&A (download)

    Also refer to Section II of Open Heart, Clear Mind: Working Effectively with Emotions.

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