Curing our self-centeredness

A talk given at Tibet House US in New York City, New York on April 19, 2007.

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  • Self-centeredness (download)

    Illustrations of how self-centeredness motivates most of our actions and how this self-preoccupation makes us miserable.

    Low self-esteem and its antidote (download)

    The prevalence of low self-esteem in the West. Compassion as an antidote.

    Cultivating compassion (download)

    Cultivating compassion for those we dislike and harm us. How compassion is different from pity and frees us from fear.

    Questions and answers (download)

    • Compassion for those doing harm to many
    • Dealing with those who make us unhappy
    • Prison work
    • Learning to forgive
    • Freeing ourselves from self-centered thoughts
    • True compassion

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