The Buddhist worldview

Recognizing your life as a rare and precious opportunity

A talk given at the Buddhist Library, Singapore.

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    • Setting a positive motivation for listening to teachings
    • Becoming familiar with the Buddhist worldview
    • Understanding why we need to do Dharma practice
    • Attachment to what we think and what we perceive through our senses

    The Buddhist worldview 01 (download)

    • Understanding the Buddhist worldview helps us realize that our present life is very rare and precious
    • How to make use of our rare and precious human life

    The Buddhist worldview 02 (download)

    Questions and answers

    • How can I help my son who is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia?
    • Rather than meditate all day, isn’t it better to go out and help others?
    • Wouldn’t it be better to go out and help others than abide in nirvana?

    The Buddhist worldview 03 (download)

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