Taking the practice home

How to free your mind—Tara the liberator

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A two-day workshop conducted at Tai Pei Buddhist Centre, Singapore, in October of 2006.

Advice and dedication

What to do after completing the workshop?

  • Advice to continue the practice after the retreat
  • Retreat is just doing more intense practice
  • Put in energy to learn to do the practice on our own
  • Importance of setting up a daily meditation practice

Tara workshop 13: What to do? (download)

More advice

  • Rejoice in putting heart, body, mind, speech in positive direction
  • Creating the cause to encounter teachings in the future

Tara workshop 14: More advice (download)

Dedication of merit

  • Rejoice at the holiday with Tara, spending the weekend practicing
  • Dedicate merit for each and every living being
  • Recitation of the King of Prayers

Tara workshop 15: Dedication (download)

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