Path of seeing

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Part of a series of teachings on the bodhisattva paths and grounds according to the Yogācāra Svātantrika Madhyamaka given by Venerable Gyume Khensur Rinpoche at Sravasti Abbey in August 2006.

Afflictions to abandon

  • Good ethical discipline as the primary cause for an upper rebirth
  • The unsatisfactoriness of even upper rebirth due to the three types of suffering
  • The aggregates as the basis upon which we experience all suffering
  • The need to abandon delusion in order to attain liberation
  • Attaining the path of seeing with the direct perception of emptiness
  • True paths and true cessations as the actual Dharma refuge
  • The ten afflictions to be abandoned on the path of seeing

Paths and grounds of bodhisattvas 04 (download)

The exalted mind

  • The obscurations eliminated on the path of seeing for each of the three vehicles
  • The importance of extensive accumulation of virtue as a means of making the mind strong enough to overcome afflictions on the path of seeing
  • Attributes of the three types of exalted mind

Paths and grounds of bodhisattvas 05 (download)

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