How to achieve success, happiness and love

A talk given in Singapore on November 24, 2004.

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  • Defining success, happiness and love (download)

    Discussion on the various definitions of success, happiness, and love. By reflecting on what these three words mean to us personally, we can challenge the conditioning we have received about what they should mean.

    Cultivating lasting happiness (download)

    There are two kinds of happiness from the Buddhist viewpoint: happiness that comes from temporary sense pleasures and that which comes from internal transformation. There are techniques to transform the mind and achieve a lasting state of happiness.

    Questions & answers (download)

    • How should one begin and sustain a Buddhist practice?
    • Isn’t it necessary to get some happiness from external objects?
    • I can’t stop shopping. What mindset should I have when shopping to do it in a positive way?
    • How can we keep ourselves motivated in our spiritual practice?
    • Is it possible to be obsessed about achieving enlightenment?
    • How can we keep our heart open to others?
    • How can one be mindful at work?

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