Advice for Tibetan students

A talk given at the Academy of Tibetan Culture, Norbulingka Institute, Dharamsala, India.

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  • Discussion

    • The value of a good education for the benefit of the wider community
    • Recognizing and taking advantage of the excellent opportunities that your circumstances offer

    Student talk 01 (download)

    Questions and answers, part 1

    • Happiness in difficult economic times
    • Reincarnation
    • Explaining karma to those who don’t believe in it
    • The mind

    Student talk 02 (download)

    Questions and answers, part 2

    • Sentience of non-human beings
    • Dream yoga versus meditation
    • God

    Student talk 03 (download)

    Questions and answers, part 3

    • Pride versus inspiring practice
    • Cultivating contentment
    • Focus on inner practice

    Student talk 04 (download)

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