Living without fear

This talk was given at the Kreta Ayer People’s Theater in Singapore in November 2002.

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  • Fear and worry

    • The disturbing emotions of fear and worry and how to deal with them
    • Stories we create that fuel panic and have no basis in reality
    • Staying in the present as an antidote to worry
    • Examine the likelihood of worst-case scenarios

    Fear and Worry 01 (download)

    Antidotes to fear and worry

    • Compassion short-circuits the stories and gives perspective
    • Consider long-term worldview
    • Kindness as a stress-buster

    Fear and Worry 02 (download)

    Applying the antidotes and questions and answers

    • Contemplating the main points of countering fear
    • Handling small instances, and then working your way up to greater and greater ability
    • Controlling anger
    • Helping children of dying parents
    • Observing the mind
    • Fear of making wrong decisions
    • Chanting to relieve worry
    • Animal testing
    • What happens after we die

    Fear and Worry 03 (download)

    Questions and answers continued

    • Developing a broader perspective
    • Compassion for those who lack it
    • Respect for those of other religions
    • Living in the present and making plans for the future
    • Use of anti-anxiety drugs

    Fear and Worry 04 (download)

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