Traditions of Buddhism

Similarities and differences of the various Buddhist traditions

A talk given at Drepung Loseling School, Mundgod, South India, by invitation of Geshe Damdul, Principal of the monastic school at Drepung Loseling Monastery. Geshe Damdul translated the talk into Tibetan for the monks.

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    • Introduction

    Similarities and differences: Introduction (download)

    • Dispelling myths about differences in scriptures in various traditions1
    • How colors and styles of robes changed as the Dharma spread

    Similarities and differences: Part 1 (download)

    • Differences with regards to hair, food, and money
    • Tulku system

    Similarities and differences: Part 2 (download)

    • Differences with regards to food and money
    • Similarities and differences in practices such as prayers, chanting, meditation, and prostrations

    Similarities and differences: Part 3 (download)

    Similarities and differences: Sravasti Abbey (download)

    1. Refer also to Section IV of Taming the Mind for more info on the various Buddhist traditions. 

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