Dealing with depression

A talk given at the Buddhist Library in Singapore in October 2001.

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  • Motivation

    • Meditation and setting a proper motivation for listening to the teaching

    Depression 01: Motivation (download)

    Gaining perspective

    • Employing both physical and spiritual practices to help depression
    • Putting our life and worries into perspective

    Depression 02: Part 1 (download)

    Making life meaningful

    • Making life meaningful, despite our circumstances, through spiritual practice
    • How the self-centered mind creates suffering
    • How changing our perspective changes our experience

    Depression 03: Part 2 (download)

    Questions and answers

    • Overcoming negative thoughts
    • Helping someone with childhood trauma, depression, suicidal thoughts, or grief

    Depression 04: Q&A (download)


    • Meditation and conclusion of the session

    Depression 05: Conclusion (download)

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