Cultivating better relationships

A talk given at the Singapore Expo Conference Hall in October 2001.

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  • Better relationships through ethics and manners (download)

    • How the self-centered mind contributes to our misery
    • Practical ways to improve relationships through ethics and manners

    Communication and forgiveness (download)

    • Challenging our assumptions of others’ motivation
    • The importance of good communication and forgiveness

    Forgiving and apologizing (download)

    • How both apologizing and forgiving create peace in the mind allowing for better relationships
    • The benefits to self and other of telling loved ones how much we value our relationships

    Questions and answers (download)

    • Helping deceased loved ones
    • Broken relationships
    • Forgiving those who harm us
    • Avoiding attachment
    • Effectively communicating a different point of view
    • Dealing with hurt and anger

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